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Botticino marble


The Botticino marble is a special type of compact micritic limestone of beige color, quarried from Botticino, Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Rezzato and Serle in the province of Brescia.

The deposit of limestone from which we extract the Botticino Classic marble, was formed between 190 and 60 million years ago by the slow and continuous process of sedimentation, cementation and recrystallization of calcareous mud in a "sea lagoon" of Mesozoic age.

The tropical climate housed organisms and fossil, that are now one of the most popular features of the marble.

The variety of colors of Botticino Classic marble is originated from the different concentration and trend of inclusions of organic and inorganic origin in the homogeneous background composed of fine mud, mainly carbonate and limestone, which takes the name of micrite.

The extreme compactness, the porosity and the low values ​​of absorption, make it suitable for use outdoors and determine the mechanical characteristics such as resistance to compression, bending and wear.

For the beauty and the great qualities of strength, Botticino marble is widely used in architecture and interior design and is considered a worldwide very fine marble.


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