Made in Italy



Our company was founded in Rezzato, in the context of extraction of natural Botticino Classic Marble, and from three generations is specialized in the working of marble.

In 1890, in fact, Senco Angelo began his career as an engraver of tombstones and monuments, having learned the job in a local company.

His experience is not limited to the work required in the neighboring countries but he is required to engrave inscriptions on monuments also in Monaco and Nice.

The son Mosé continued his father's work by extending it, he was not concerned with more than just engrave inscriptions but the entire construction process.

Since 1945, with the reconstruction process, he began to concern himself with building and equip with more modern machinery for the production of outlines of windows, stairs and floors, as well as coatings for bathrooms, showers, sinks and for the outdoor decor fountains and pools using the prestigious Botticino Classic Marble.

In 1976 the business passed to his sons Angelo and Raphael, which continues today under the name Marmi Senco.

The company, trying to respond more efficiently and modernly to customer requests, collaborates with design and architecture, finishing, and continuously improving its products and services in the construction industry for interior and exterior of the private and public sectors.

Over the years, the company works with all materials including quartzite, granite and composite materials for furniture, but remains faithful to the skill and workmanship of the local stone, the famous and certified worldwide Botticino Classico Marble.